Become a leader worth following

a guided journey to elevate your leadership

50 training sessions

Altitude Training gives you practical tools each week to elevate your leadership in 30 minutes or less

Individual Transformation

It makes learning leadership tools and skills simple, practical, and powerful.

Guided step-by-step journey

Easy-to-Use visual tools

Only 30 minutes per session

Personal Exercise to grow yourself

Team Exercise to grow your team

Scalable Leader Development System

It’s a simple, systematic coaching and development program that equips leaders at every level with the key tools they need to lead well and solve problems effectively.

Done-for-you training program

Professional with a practical focus

Consistent leadership language and toolkit

Program scales to any size organization


Simple, lightweight coaching program with step-by-step instructions


A year long, powerful growth journey to benefit themselves and their team


A set of 50+ new tools, content, and exercises they can use to lead their teams


Scalable, imitable system for training and equipping all of the leaders in their org

Data Driven

Data and statistics on who is engaging with the training and who is not

Lead Others

Leaders with increased self- awareness and a full toolkit to Become, Build, and Lead others

I’m excited to be participating in the Altitude Group, and can already see how valuable it will be for me professionally and personally. Early on I’m gaining better insight regarding my strengths and weaknesses, how they affect my team, and what I need to do to become a more balanced and effective leader. I appreciate that the material/content is practical but substantial, creating many “aha” moments for me. Love the group dynamic and the fact that we have the opportunity to learn from others within a small group with varied backgrounds and experience levels. It’s a big win!

Lynn Colsson

Altitude User

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